PICS Released

We have now released PICS version

Full release notes are available from the release notes section of our website.

This marks a departure from our usual fortnightly releases, which usually take place on a Tuesday afternoon. From now on, releases will be on a Friday afternoon and take place every third week. 

As we switch our focus to PICSWeb, the successor to PICS, there are fewer changes in each release, but the admin burden of producing the release remains the same. As such we’ve made the decision to extend the cycle by a week.  

If your updates are done for you, such as by a 3rd-party IT company, you may want to let them know of this change so they can update their schedule to match, although it’s not essential that you update immediately after a release. 

Users of our Hosting platform won’t notice any difference – your software will continue to be updated automatically overnight whenever updates are released.