New help desk software and an update on telephone support

New help desk system 

This weekend, 16th May, we are changing the help desk system we use from TeamSupport to HubSpot. This won’t impact the way that we support you, but you will notice a difference in the emails that are sent from us, and the ticket reference number format will also change. 

One of the main drivers for switching to HubSpot is to integrate systems across multiple departments. HubSpot gives us the tools to handle support, marketing, sales and communication. Bringing all this together allows us to better understand your needs and provide the best possible service. 

Since we moved to TeamSupport three years ago, we have logged over 40,000 support tickets. While we don’t intend to migrate all that data over, we’ll be bringing through enough information to have a reasonable history of your contact with us. The two systems are quite different under the surface though, so please bear with us if there are any initial teething problems. 

Telephone support 

As the COVID-19 situation has developed, we’ve seen a significant drop in demand for support. We had originally planned to bring back an incoming call service but, having monitored things closely, we feel we’re better able to support you if we continue to focus on email-only support requests. 

We’re maintaining a good response time on queries and are ensuring jobs get prioritised accordingly, especially where they relate to the ILR submission – when demand can spike considerably. In a situation where it is easier to talk, we are, of course, happy to call you directly.