Find out how our digital paperwork solution is keeping operations flowing for Qube in these uncertain times

As has been covered in the press, PICS customer Qube Learning has been fast to react to the threat of COVID-19 and has rolled out several innovative solutions to enable remote working. A critical part of Qube’s infrastructure that has enabled their business to keep operating is our digital paperwork solution that seamlessly integrates into PICS, the Form Capture Application (FCA).

John Bullock, Qube Learning’s head of Data & MIS, says of FCA: “We first introduced FCA in 2015 to replace our paper enrolments, and it revolutionised how we worked then – bringing in efficiencies, cost savings and better audit evidence. With the increased recent activity in Coronavirus, we made the decision to introduce remote signatures as quickly as possible so we could move to remote visits and enrolments to protect our students, customers and employers. We made the required changes to our existing forms very quickly, new processes were tested and documented, colleagues trained – and within a matter of days, we had moved to near 100% remote delivery – all evidenced with the required signatures. Our customers have embraced this across the board and really value our ability to continue training their students while minimising the disruption to their business. We could never have done this without FCA and remote signatures, and would recommend the facility to any other providers considering it”

If you would like to find out more about the Form Capture Application, and the benefits that implementing it can bring you in the current climate, email