Critical advice for the ILR and processing breaks in learning during Covid-19

We are of course deeply concerned about the announcement made by Gillian Keegan on Monday night and the neglectful position that the Government is taking, both towards independent training providers and the learners and employers that you all support.

In the short term, however, we would like to focus PICS users’ minds on the guidance that has been released regarding how breaks in learning should be recorded on the ILR in March and April.

In the March return (P8)

“Where training has been delivered in March, but a break in learning has begun, or is expected to start before the end of March, to ensure payment for these apprentices, training providers should:

  • include these learners in their March ILR submission as on programme
  • record, retain and submit evidence in the usual way
  • record a break in learning in their April ILR submission”

In the April return (P9)

“For a break in learning greater than 4 weeks that begins on or after 1 April:

  • the training provider should report this in their April ILR submission, or in the month in which the break of learning commenced
  • the apprenticeship should be ‘paused’ by the employer through the apprenticeship service at the point the break in learning begins. The employer should not ‘stop’ the apprenticeship through the apprenticeship service as this will prevent it resuming subsequently”

Breaks in learning in PICS

As always, breaks in learning in PICS should be processed using the feature in dated changes which will make the many necessary ILR adjustments for you.

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