Changes that affect our hosted users

Users of our Hosting platform should be aware of the following changes which are now live. Hosting is the platform where your software is held on our servers and you access it through our web portal at 

If you encounter any issues with either of these changes, please contact the support team on 01603 492620 or via

Account linking 

Although it’s always been possible to use your Hosting logon in PICS, the vast majority of users have separate accounts for PICS and the portal. From now, we’ll be displaying a prompt that encourages you to link your portal account to PICS, and to use that as your single logon (both username and password) for both: 

If your Hosting account is already linked but you’re using your PICS account to logon, we’ll display the following reminder: 

This change should remove the uncertainty of which account to use at the various stages of logon, as you’ll now use the same username and password for both the portal and PICS.

New account and password reset emails 

Previously, when Hosting portal supervisors create new accounts or reset a user’s password, the new password is displayed on screen and needs to be sent to the user. From now, the password will not be displayed on screen. Instead, an email will be sent directly to the user with a link and temporary password. We feel this is a more convenient and secure approach.  

Please be aware that when you create an account or reset a password, the temporary password sent to the user is only valid for 10 days. If the user doesn’t click on the link in the email and choose a password of their own during this time, the account will deactivate for security reasons. 

Special instructions for users of FCA

Due to an unexpected issue with FCA, we had to disable the Account Linking option for providers who are licenced for that product. We now have a fix for the issue, so we’ll be re-enabling the option for those affected. Due to the nature of how FCA works, the fix requires some manual intervention and there are two scenarios, as follows…

I am currently logged in to FCA but can’t sync – I get the message ‘failed to authenticate’

In FCA, go to Tools -> Run Software Updates. Once updated, log back in with your old PICS/FCA credentials and then go to Tools -> More Tools -> Change User Account Name. Enter Hosting portal username and then try to sync again. If successful, you should switch to using your Hosting portal credentials from this point on. If not successful, please contact the Support team on 01603 492620

I cannot log into FCA as it’s asking for a password but is referencing my old PICS username. If I enter either of my passwords, I get the message ‘failed to authenticate’

A zipped script file is required to resolve this situation, which is attached below (FCA2002111). You need to unzip the .sqlx file and place this in your FCA software folder. If you’re not sure where FCA is installed, right-click on your FCA shortcut and select ‘Open file location’. Once the .sqlx script has been copied into the software folder, start FCA and you should be prompted to enter a username, which should be your Hosting portal username. If the script fails to work for any reason, please contact the Support team on 01603 492620