Fix released for learner entry issue

A fix has now been released for the issue related to adding new learners. We have established that this only affected data entry for learners that have Planned/EEP hours (non-Apprentice ESFA learners), and we don’t believe that it was possible to get as far as saving the record. 

In order to get the fix, you’ll need to run Software Updates. If you use our Hosting service, please see the instructions below. 

We apologise for the disruption caused by this issue. 

Instructions for running Software Updates on Pellcomp Hosting: 

We have attempted to run updates for all hosted customers, but this may have missed some installations. If you restart PICS and you’re not on version (shown in the bottom-right corner), please follow these instructions… 

From the logon screen of PICS, go to the Tools menu and select Software Updates. On the updates screen, ensure ‘Update from Network Update Repository’ is selected and then keep pressing the ‘Next’ button until the update has been applied. If colleagues are using PICS when you update, they’ll need to restart to pick up the new version. If you have any issues, please give us a call on 01603 492620.