ESFA R02 Submission Information and Advice

Today is the first day of the R02 submission window, though you can of course submit earlier if possible. Guaranteed collection availability opened on the 17th September and closes at 18:00 on Friday 4th October.  

If you’re experiencing Rule Violations, please refer to our guidance on Resolving ILR Rule Violations

As always, please contact us via or on 01603 492620 if you need assistance. 

Useful links: 

Provider Support Manual 
ILR Specification 
Validation Rules (Rule Violations) spreadsheet 
Submit Learner Data (SLD) hub 
SLD Known Issues spreadsheet
Download the FIS (Latest version is 1.0.4) 

Known issues (we’ll keep this section updated throughout submission):  

Rule Violation R64 
A learner cannot achieve more than one funded competency aim for any apprenticeship framework programme 

The ESFA are aware of issues and have downgraded this from an Error to a Warning. It seems to be affecting learners who had previously been on a break in learning. 

Rule Violation R99 
A learner must not have more than one programme aim at any one time 

This is another one affecting learners who have previously been on a break in learning. If you’re sure that you have no overlapping programme aims, please report this to the ESFA, as it appears to be a validation issue. 

Rule Violations PlanLearnHours_01/02/03 and PlanEepHours_01/02/03 

Where a learner progresses from a Traineeship in one year to an Apprenticeship in the next, and their D&P record has a start date in the new year, we’re required to export the full Traineeship record. This generates a PlanLearnHours_01 error as no hours have been specified for the current year, but then entering 0 hours results in PlanLearnHours_02 and 03 errors. As the Traineeship record shouldn’t have any hours in the current year, this seems to be a validation issue. Please refer these to the ESFA Service Desk and let us know what they advise. 
Update: The ESFA Service Desk have advised that, in these circumstances, you should enter the number of hours you had previously entered for 2018/19.

Missing ACT field for new Functional Skills aims 

If you’re adding new Functional Skills for Maths or English, and finding you don’t get an ACT field, please run Software Updates to obtain the latest LARS patch. Having run updates, ensure that no one else is using PICS as you log in to allow the new LARS patch to run.