ESFA R01 submission information and advice

Today is the first day of the R01 submission window, although you can of course submit earlier if you’re able to. The guaranteed collection availability opened on the 22nd August and will close at 18:00 on Thursday 5th September. 

Remember that you will need to be on PICS 15.30 in order to generate a 2019/20 export file, so be sure to upgrade in advance of the submission deadline, just in case you encounter problems. 

If you need to contact the Support team, please bear in mind that this is an incredibly busy time of year. We may require a little extra time to resolve your issue, especially if it’s not submission related.  

Known issues (we’ll keep this section updated throughout R01): 

Some providers delivering FM25 Traineeships are receiving a warning “UKPRN: xxxxxxxx has no AreaCostFactor” in PICS, which will result in no funding being calculated for affected learners. This is because these factors were missing from the last FIS extract we took. If you’re affected by this, please run Software Updates to obtain updated FIS data (Hosted customers will be updated overnight).