Change of Contract Year webinar recording

The recording of our recent Change of Contract Year webinar is now available for all to view. Here you will learn what you need to do in PICS to prepare for the year-end, including your final data submission and cross year data entry.  We also look at the PICS software upgrade for 2019/20 as well as changes to the ILR form and how these affect PICS.  Below the video are some useful links.

Here are some useful links:

Slides used during the webinar

PICS Online Help – ILR Year End process
PICS 15.30 for 2019/20
Upgrading to the new version of PICS
Cross year ILR imports
Cross year ILR exports and funding calculations
Cross year planned ILR hours

2018/19 Contract Year:
Provider Support Manual
Includes guidance on providers’ final ILR submission for 2018/19

2019/20 Contract Year:
Provider Support Manual 2019/20
ILR Specification 2019/20

PICS Main Changes 2019/20:
An overview of changes and other useful information