Is Your Data Safe?

In the last week, two of our customers have lost their PICS data without a backup to recover from – one from a server crash and one from a cyber-attack. The help we can offer to customers in these situations is limited if there are no data backups to work with. It is critical that you take precautions to protect your data; at a minimum, customers who host PICS themselves should be taking regular backups and ensuring these are stored offsite, outside your network. If you use an external IT company to manage your systems, you must ensure that they are taking regular backups for you. 

If you’d rather entrust us to look after your software and data, you may want to consider moving to our Hosting platform where we take care of backups and software updates for you in an environment that’s covered by a wide range of cyber security assurances. We are accredited to ISO 27001, hold Cyber Essentials Plus and have full Disaster Recovery policies in place, including daily backups stored in separate, secure datacentres. Call us on 01603 215000 or email if you’d like to know more about Hosting.