Important change required for users of the BKSB Databridge

We’ve been advised by BKSB that they will soon require a password to be supplied when connecting to the BKSB Databridge. Prior to this change the password was optional, and as such not many people have one set. If you use the Databridge and don’t have a password set, you’ll need to do this soon or the Databridge will stop working.

Please note: although this is referred to as a password, it’s more of a shared key rather than a specific password. We recommend you use a GUID generator.

Steps to take if your software is hosted by us:

If you use our Hosting service, please email us via and we’ll set the shared key for you and send over details of what needs to be done in the BKSB admin portal.

Steps to take if your software is installed on your own infrastructure:

There are two steps that need to be taken – firstly you need to add the shared key to your settings file within the BKSB Databridge application directory on your web server, and then you also need to add the shared key to the settings area of the BKSB admin portal. Our guide to Setting up the BKSB Interface covers all the steps but do get in touch if you’re having difficulties.