FM36 Apprenticeship Reconciler

We will be releasing an updated version of the FM36 Reconciler in the next release. This version will allow the following functionality:

Reconciliation with the Data Match Report

This reconciler will read in the details from the Data Match Report from the Hub and give details of the learner’s record in PICS for any Data Match issues identified in the report. This will allow you to identify, and attempt to fix, any issues.

Reconciliation with the Indicative Earnings Report

The Indicative Earnings Report is available via the FIS and the Hub. The FM36 Apprenticeship Reconciler will reconcile the claims information stored in PICS (which need to be generated via the Funding Calculator) with the information in the report.

Reconciliation with the Monthly Payment Report

The Monthly Payment Report is available from the Hub. The Reconciler will compare the funding in the report with that stored in PICS. The following will also happen:

Updating of PICS Claims where a Levy funded Apprentice receives Co-funding payments

Where a Levy funded Apprentice (ACT 1) is shown to receive funding via Co-funding, the reconciler will make some adjustments to Claims information stored in PICS. This will only happen if the total On Programme payments (Levy + ESFA Co-funding contribution + amount due from the employer) for a given period match. The following adjustments will be made against Claims store in PICS:

  • A negating Claim item will be created for any programme-based Claims items stored in PICS; for example, if a Levy Instalment Claim for £100 exists, a negating Levy Instalment Claim with a value of -£100 will be created. The original Claim item(s) are retained.
  • A new Claim will be generated to represent the ESFA contribution, typically 90% of the original Claim but will match that in the report. Following the same example as above, a £90 ESFA Co-funding claim will be created.
  • A new Claim will be generated to represent the amount owed by the employer, typically 10% of the original Claim but will match the value from the report. Following the same example as above, a £10 Generic Employer claim will be created

Updating Apprenticeship Service Status within PICS

If the Apprenticeship Service Status on a learner’s record in PICS is set to DAS Eligible, Ready for DAS or Sent to DAS, but they appear within the Monthly Payment Report, the reconciler will set the Status on the learner’s record to On DAS.

Coming Soon

The following features existed in the original FM36 Reconciler but are currently going through our development process to ensure that they work with other changes in the Reconciler:

Updating of Young Apprentice Incentive Payments

Where there are Additional Employer or Provider Payments in the report, the Monthly Payments Report Reconciler will update any matching Incentive Payments in PICS that are in the same period. The reconciler will also update or insert the necessary Employer Forwarding Payments.

Ability to add missing PMR records

During the Monthly Payments Report reconciliation process, PICS Claims are updated when a Levy funded Apprentice is identified as receiving payments via Co-funding. This feature will display a list of PMRs that coincide with these adjustments and allow you to add them where required.