Custom Contact Types

With an increasing need for more contact types when recording a learner’s contact hours, it is now possible to add custom codes to the existing list. 

A new picklist has been added to the Learner section on the Miscellaneous tab in Other General Base Data. This pick list is called Learner Contact Type Codes.  

The popup allows you to define new contact type codes with accompanying descriptions. When adding a new code, it must be exactly 2 characters long, and must not match any of the predefined codes. 

In addition to being able to add new codes, a setting called ‘Ignore Contact Types’ has been added to PICS Configuration which allows the removal of codes you no longer want to use.  

Selecting codes from this list means they will no longer appear as an option in the drop-down when creating new contact hour entries for learners in PICS or eAssessor. The description for ignored codes will also not be shown when viewing contact hour records in PICS, eAssessor or AdHoc outputs that already exist with these codes. Instead, only the code will be shown.

When updating these settings, it is important to note that eAssessor will not reflect any changes until the web service has been restarted.