Multi Form eApply

Previously, it was only possible to set up a single configuration per installation of eApply, allowing you to set up a one size fits all application for all applicants or companies. The next update for eApply introduces support for creating multiple forms. You will be able to configure individual forms to suit the specific requirements needed. Each different form configuration can be accessed via a unique link. If you create additional forms, it will be the existing form that will act as the default form.

Creating additional Forms

To create a new eApply form configuration, first, you must be logged in as you normally would when you wanted to edit the form. Once logged in, you will see a dropdown list of all your existing forms in the Applicants and Companies tabs in the navigation bar at the top of the page.

Rather than starting from a blank form, the best thing to do is select the existing form which most closely matches your requirements and then click the clone button. This will copy the existing form and allow you to start configuring the new form in the edit view.

eApply Clone Form

When editing a form, there is an additional Form Details box visible containing two fields:

  • Key: This is the ID which will be used at the end of the URL when accessing this form. It can only be defined when creating a new form and cannot be modified later. It is mandatory and must be different from any existing form of the same type (applicant or company)
  • Title: This is the label used to describe the form in the form list, and at the top of the page. You can edit the form title as and when required.

Upon clicking save, the new form configuration will be created, you will find the provided title listed amongst the other forms on the navigation bar Applicants and Companies drop downs.

Deleting Forms

If you no longer need an additional form for whatever reason you can delete them. This can only be performed on additional forms and not the default form which will not display a delete button. Once you are logged in, navigate to the form you wish to delete and click the delete button. It is not possible to perform soft deletion on forms or to make them dormant.

How do I Update to multi-form eApply?

If you are using PICS on our hosting platform, we will update your application for you as we usually do. However, because this is quite a big change from existing eApply installs, it will not automatically be included in updates via PICS Software Updates for non-hosted customers. If you have eApply but are not hosted, when you are ready to get the new version, you will need to reconfigure your PICS software updates to point at eApply2.

About eApply

eApply is our online application form that can capture the details of both learners (applicants) and employers. eApply is available to all of our CRM Gold customers and is part of our digital onboarding solution. Phone 01603 215000 or email if you would like to find out more about these facilities.