Cold Ears, Warm Hearts

On a recent cold, dark, and decidedly chilly Friday evening, a couple of the team from Pellcomp made their way to a local barber to have their hair shaved off. It was an act of solidarity for a colleague and to raise money for Brainstrust, a charity who provide invaluable support for anyone who is diagnosed with a brain tumour. With the help of a charity Burns lunch at the office on January 25th, the contents of the office coffee jar being raided, and generous donations from  Colleagues, friends, and families, we had thrashed the initial fundraising target of £600. In addition, the staff at Croppers Barbers had kindly agreed to do the deed for free!

Armed with some ‘fizzy pop’ and moral support and cheers from other Pellcomp staff, the volunteers took their seats to lose their locks!

Angela and Will taking their seats

Bolstered by their example, an outstanding display of camaraderie followed and several additional Pellcompers stepped forward to take their turn.

Pete, Russell and Leigh step up in support

In total, 7 members of the team had their hair shaved off for this special cause. Well done to everyone who contributed in any way, but a special mention to those who went under the clippers: Will, Angela, John, Tim, Peter, Russell and Leigh.

The fund currently stands at just over £2,100, but donations are still open, so if you wish to contribute, please do donate.