Achievement Rates Report Update

Update to QAR Version 3

The ESFA recently released version 3 of the 2017 Qualification Achievement Rates (QAR) specification, and in the next release of PICS, the Achievement Rates report will include these changes. These are:

  • The “exclude early leavers” rule no longer applies to Trailblazers (Apprenticeship report only)
  • The rules for deriving qualification type for Minimum Standards have been updated (Education and Training report only)

Both of these updates are fully detailed in the ESFA QAR Specifications.

New Option to exclude Reported Overdue-Planned-Breaks

We have identified some cases where the ESFA has excluded overdue-planned-breaks in the QARs if they are still reported in the ILR, so to allow providers to successfully reconcile their data we have added new option to mimic this behaviour. This option is available on the Report Options tab in the Achievement Rates report, and is titledĀ Exclude Overdue Plan’d Breaks if Rep. If ticked, PICS will not identify any aim as an “Overdue planned break” if it is contained within an episode which does not have a Programme End Date (on the PICS Episode tab), and is therefore still included in the ILR export.