Learner Change Requests Update

For some years we’ve had two very similar systems which allow you to report any learner data changes to your admin team: Learner Change Requests (LCR) and Change of Learner Details (COLD). In order to reduce the number of systems we need to maintain, we’ve taken the decision to remove LCR from PICS. The good news is that COLD can already do everything LCR does, and even more!

From the 11th March anyone using LCR will automatically be transferred to COLD. The screens look very similar and can be found in the same places, so there should be minimal confusion. Once you’re using COLD you’ll be able to use the available request authorisation features too.

A warning will appear when you open LCR any time from 12th February informing you that LCR will become COLD on 11th March. If you would like to move to COLD before 11th March, you can enable the Learner Change Requests with Approval Process setting in PICS Configuration.

If you have any questions or concerns about the move to COLD, please get in touch with our support team who will be happy to help you.