Earnings Adjustment Statement for 2018

This year, the ESFA have made changes to how Earnings Adjustment Statement (EAS) claims are to be submitted to the Hub. Instead of manually entering claim information, it is now required that a CSV file containing the EAS claims be uploaded instead.

See the Earnings Adjustment Statement EAS 2018 to 2019 section on Gov.UK for provider guidance and validation rules.


Due to the changes to how EAS claims are to be submitted we will soon be releasing a new tool to allow for easy data collection and generation of the required CSV file which you can upload to the Hub. This tool will be available as of PICS version

To open the tool, launch the Funding Calculator for SFA (for the 2018 funding year), and then select Tools > Earnings Adjustment Statement from the menu:

Earnings Adjustment Statement

In previous years, EAS data capture has only been possible against each finalled period. For the current funding year this new tool allows the entry of adjustments for any period in year, including the editing of adjustments for previous periods. When required, the Export EAS Claim button can be used to generate the required CSV file for upload to the Hub.

Note: If only one UKPRN exists in your dataset then the Select UKPRN selector will not be visible.