PICS Released

We have now released PICS version

eAssessor for Apprenticeship Standards Improvements

Over the recent months, we have been working on adding and improving features for eAssessor for the delivery of Apprenticeship Standards. Here are some of the highlights being released this week.

Support for multiple targets for a single standard

When we first introduced delivery targets, it was only possible to define a single target containing the Knowledge, Skills, and Behaviours for an apprenticeship standard. Following the discovery of several standards that are not actually “standard” and allow different routes, we have removed this restriction and you can now create multiple targets. When adding a learner for which multiple targets have been defined, you will be able to select which target the learner will be doing:

If the admin team are not sure what target and delivery model the learner will be following, they can leave these options blank, and leave it to the assessor to set within eAssessor:

Don’t worry if you select the wrong target or delivery model. It is possible to correct mistakes and clear the current selection so long as you have not marked any of the components as completed.

Objective Scan Improvements

When completing an objective scan, we now validate that the required notes, or attachments have been provided during the wizard, rather than just on the summary screen.

Additionally, we default the selected stage for each item in the wizard to the stage selected the last time the current user performed a scan for the current learner. If the answer is not changed, we skip the validation stage to avoid the requirement to provide supporting evidence every time a scan is completed.

Add Multiple Scope at once

We have added a new way to add multiple Knowledge, Skills, and Behaviours (the scope) to a target at the same time. The new Add Multiple Scope feature when editing a target can be used to simply provide the title of each Scope item on a single line using this form:

Once you click Add, each scope item will be available to edit individually to add detailed description and stages to, just like if they had been added one at a time.

Optional Components

Within each delivery model, it is now possible to decide if a component is mandatory or optional.

Any component that is marked as optional will not get automatically created for a learner when adding the delivery model to their record. Instead, they must be added on a per learner basis from within the delivery model section of eAssessor:

Simply tick the Add column for all the optional components you wish to add and click the Add button.

Bulk Evidence download for components

When adding evidence for learners with delivery targets and portfolio components, it is possible to link the evidence directly to the scope or portfolio components:

For both the component details page and scope details page, the evidence table now includes a Download All link. Clicking this will create a zip file containing all the files linked:

Full release notes are available from the release notes section of our website.