PICS Released

Large File Support in PICS

Up until to now, it’ has been possible to configure certain Pellcomp web applications to allow large files to be added to PICS, such as evidence in eAssessor or attachments in eRecruit, amongst others. In some cases, PICS itself could not open some large files which were stored in eFileStore but this has now been corrected with the introduction of large file support in PICS.

By default, files up to 50MB can be added to PICS which should be sufficient for most files. However, if larger files are needed PICS can now be configured to allow files up to 512MB each. To do this, open PICS Configuration, select the File Storage tab and change the value in Max File Size (MB, max 512).

For those of you with older versions of eFileStore, you’ll need to update to the latest version to add support for larger files. The installer for this is available on our website.

If you have any questions, please contact our support team who’ll be happy to help.

Email and SMS Actions

Within PICS CRM there are various places where you can send an SMS directly or load up an email window addressed to the person you are looking at. These can be very convenient but may leave you lacking with regards to information audit. We have now added the ability to force these actions to create the appropriate CRM activities. With this setting enabled, if you were to click the SMS button, a PICS SMS activity record would pop up on screen for you to complete. You can then use the recently added Send and Save button. This provides the best of both worlds; easy to send messages and also a log of what has been sent.

In PICS configuration under the CRM section the settings to control this are ‘Send Email buttons create activity records’ and ‘Send SMS buttons create activity records’.

New Opportunity optional outputs.

Following a request to include more information in the available reports, we have now added the ability to show a learner’s opportunity details in a number of reports as an optional output. Available in the Learner Status, Claim History and both the old and new Occupancy reports, the option will show the Opportunity Title, the Code and Name of the place linked to the Opportunity and the Code and Name of the opportunity’s owner.

Improved Event question support in FCA

As part of our continued effort to ensure that all versions of Form Capture App have the same functionality, Form Capture App for Android and iOS now supports the following Learner event question types:

  • Destination & Progression
  • Change of Learner Details (COLD)


Full release notes are available from theĀ release notes section of our website.