Important information for users of our Hosting platform

Early this year we started a project to replace the hardware of our Hosting platform with a view to increased performance, better security and larger font sizes when using high resolution screens. Several customers have been using this new hardware for a while now, but we’ve held off migrating everyone over until the year-end is out of the way. As such, we’re now looking to perform the migration on the evening of 7th November after R03 has closed. In preparation for this, there are a few things you may need to check.

Remote Desktop Client:

In order to provide improved functionality, we’ll be using a later version of Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) which means you’ll need to ensure your Remote Desktop Client on your PC is fully up to date. Even if your PC is updated regularly, you might not have the required update because it could be listed as optional. If Windows updates are manged by your IT department, we recommend contacting them to ensure you have the latest remote desktop client installed. In either case, please refer to our help page on updating your RDP client.

Server IP range:

If your network security devices have explicit rules to allow Pellcomp traffic through your firewalls you will need to ensure the following IP range is whitelisted:

Pellcomp Hosting IP Range

Accessing PICS:

When launching PICS, you should normally click on the PICS icon within the Hosting portal. We know that some people prefer to use an existing shortcut from their Downloads folder in order to save time, but this isn’t recommended. These shortcuts contain information about which servers to connect to, amongst other information, so when the migration takes place these old shortcuts will no longer work. Please always access PICS through the Hosting portal in order to ensure your RDP shortcuts contain the right information:

Checking your PC is compatible:

In preparation for the full migration, we’ve made available a copy of PICS that runs on the new servers and connects to your live PICS data. This will allow you to check that all works OK and, if necessary, take steps to correct any issues before 8th November. Alongside your normal PICS shortcut, anyone not already migrated should see a ‘Coming Soon’ icon which will run a copy of PICS from the new hosting servers – if that works fine you may continue to use it prior to the migration. If you find there are issues, please refer to the steps above. A common issue that can occur if you don’t have the latest version of RDP is that when new PICS windows open, they hide behind other windows making it look as though PICS has frozen.