R97 validation errors in R01 submission

If you are ahead of the game and have entered the new Agreement ID field against Learner Employment Status records in PICS, you’ll probably have received R97 validation errors when uploading your R01 export to the FIS/Hub. After talking with the ESFA, we have identified that validation rule R97 needs to be updated to incorporate Agreement ID when checking for duplicates. Unfortunately, they’ve said the validation rules won’t be updated until R02 at the earliest so a workaround is required in PICS.

We have released an updated version of the software for the R01 submission which will allow you to continue to record the Agreement ID in the correct way but exclude what the ESFA are currently counting as consecutive identical Employment Status records. This temporary change will be reverted in the near future once the validation rules have been updated.

You can read more about the issue on FE Connect.