PICS Released

FM36 Learner Off the Job Hours

It is now possible to view and enter a yearly overview of Off the Job Hours for learners directly from the Learner Information page of the ILR Form.

Visible for FM36 learners only, we show a list of Total Off Job Hours across all episodes by academic year, as well as a display of all individual Off Job Hours for the current episode.

From this screen, it is possible to enter a new total number of Off Job Hours for an academic year.

GDPR Improvements

There have been some improvements made in CRM regarding the use of GDPR Tools. Organisations, Officers, Applicants, Learners and Activities will no longer be editable if they are not Live. A new System Status label has been added to each of these record details forms so that you can see what status each record has. If you would like to edit any of these records when they are not already live, you will need to first use the GDPR Tools to make them live.

Full release notes are available from the release notes section of our website.