PICS Released

Database Administrator permissions for AdHoc Reporting

A new option for users with the Database Administrator permission has been added to AdHoc Reports.

Available from the options menu, it is now possible to Show All Queries & Field Lists, allowing an administrator to view all saved selection queries and output fields, regardless of who originally saved them or whether they are private.

Form Admin Page in Form Capture for Android and iOS

As part of our ongoing push to get Form Capture Application for Android and iOS to the same level of functionality as the Windows version, we have added the form admin page.

This page gives the user the ability to see Head Office rejection reasons as well as record user notes and a user signature (if not already included on the main form). The admin page can be accessed by tapping the Admin icon in iOS or selecting Admin from the menu in Android.

Survey Answers Page within eEmploy

It is now possible to view all survey responses that a learner has answered directly within eEmploy, by navigating to Learner > Survey Answers.


Please also see the detailed release notes for PICS