PICS Released

PICS 15.20, updates and cross-year working

The latest version of PICS 15.20 is now available, and all customers who submit ILR returns will need to ensure they’re on 15.20 before they’ll be able to generate an R01 file. If you’ve already updated to PICS 15.20, we’d still advise that you update to this latest version.

If your software and data is hosted by us, automatic updates will resume this evening, so all hosted customers will get this latest version whether they’re already on PICS 15.20 or not. This only applies to Skills Hosting – DWP Hosting has a very different update process.

Remember that between now and 18th October you’ll need to be submitting two ILR exports, one for 2017/18 and one for 2018/19. R01 is open now for your first 2018/19 export, and R13 opens on 3rd September for any 2017/18 updates you need to submit.

If you’d like to know more about using PICS for cross-year working, please see our ILR Year-end Processes help page.

Please also see the detailed release notes for PICS

Improvements to Survey Building Answers

For Surveys, User Defined Forms (UDFs) and Form Capture Application (FCA) forms, there are several answer types that require a set of predefined answers to be set when designing the form. For FCA and UDFs it was possible to format the answer in such a way that a behind the scenes code would be selected, but a human friendly description could be shown to the users.

It is now possible to simply enter the code and the description for each answer into a dedicated input box when designing your forms, and we have extended this support for Surveys too.

Don’t worry if you haven’t been using the Code and Description format for your forms, existing answers will continue to work, and there is no need to start adding codes if you don’t want to for your new forms, you can simply leave the code box blank.