PICS Released

Sending an SMS from eRecruit

If you have and SMS account configured in PICS, you will now be able to send an SMS to Contacts and Applicants from within eRecruit. Each mobile number link display will be converted to a link:

Clicking upon one of these links will prompt you to enter the message you wish to send. Simply enter your desired message and click Send.

Applicant Permanent Deletion

To permanently (hard) delete an applicant from CRM, first they must be soft deleted. To see soft deleted applicants, you will need to select the option to show deleted in the search ribbon:

Go to Tools > GDPR tools and select Permanently Delete, from here you will be shown a list of all entries which can be hard deleted. Check those which you wish to delete and click Done.

Errors are shown for records which cannot be deleted for some reason. For example: if the learner is linked to the applicant – to rectify this, the user must find the learner and remove the link so that the applicant may be deleted.

Warnings are shown to indicate counts of other related data that will also be permanently deleted as it belongs to the applicant, such as surveys, or involvement in activities.

If you are happy with the warnings that have been presented, then clicking accept will proceed to perform the permanent deletion upon all selected applicants.

User Defined Forms – Edit Permissions

A new feature has been added to User Defined Forms to control who can edit each form – previously you could configure which users could see particular forms. With these new changes you could have specific forms that only your Assessors or Finance team can edit, but your data administration team can view.

Full release notes are available from the release notes section of our website.

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