Change of Contract year PICS Preparations

With P11 behind us and the year-end rapidly approaching, you’re probably starting to think about how to handle the change of contract year in PICS. The good news is that this is a year of minimal change and, as usual, PICS takes care of most work for you.

A new version of PICS, 15.20, is due for release on 14th August and will include the ILR data migration and 2018/19 functionality – we’ll send out full details nearer the time but here are the highlights. 

  1. ILR Migration.  PICS 15.20 migrates your ILR data to the new year format.  No need to ‘close down’ learner records and transfer them to the new year – in PICS the same record just carries over.  You may need to update 2017/18 carry-over learners with new fields/values for 2018/19. 
  2. Starts and leavers after 31/07/2018.  You can enter these before upgrading to version 15.20 to avoid backlogs but you should be familiar with the new year ILR requirements.  The 2018/19 ILR fields and values will be available in the version of PICS 15.10 due for release on 17th July; however, some final validation checks may be outstanding until version 15.20 is released so you may prefer to wait until then. 
  3. Starts and leavers before 01/08/2018.  It is easier to enter as many of these as possible before upgrading to 15.20.  You can still enter them afterwards but it takes longer as you’ll need to complete the historic fields manually. 
  4. ILR submissions 2017/18.  Your final submission for this must be completed by 18th October 2018 – after this date the Hub will be closed for 2017/18 and no further uploads are possible. 
  5. ILR submissions 2018/19.  You will need to upgrade to 15.20 for this facility, and you’ll be asked which year you want to work on when you go to export.
  6. Annual Contract Data.  This has now been rolled forward for the new contract year. Any alterations or additions you make now need to be done in both 2017/18 and 2018/19 areas of Annual contract data, where applicable.

Further information: We’ll make further blog posts in the coming weeks.  This online help page will be updated with links and basic details.  We also recommend you to read the ILR documentation from ESFA, especially the ILR Specification and Provider Support Manual. 

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