A Year of Minimal Change 

After a challenging year for the industry, the ESFA really do appear to be offering us a year of minimal change and a relatively smooth transition to the 2018/19 contract year. Considering this, we have decided not to hold our summer PICS User Group (PUG) this year, as it is an event whose central focus has always been to disseminate ILR changes. We are instead releasing a range of resources to help you effectively manage the year-end transition and further consolidate your PICS knowledge. 

On the 9th of August, we will be holding a free online Question & Answer Webinar to try and focus-in on any issues you are still having with the Apprenticeship Reforms. This will be the perfect opportunity to have your queries answered whilst also learning from those posed by others. To avoid missing out on this opportunity, please fill in this survey as soon as possible with any questions you would like to raise, and book your space on our website. 

If you have not already done so, do take a look at our recent Change of Contract Year blog post. This post serves as a timely reminder of the cross year working schedule in PICS and outlines the core information and dates for you. As well as this, we will very shortly be releasing some refereshed free video resources, covering cross year working in further detail, which will be advertised through the blog. 

Finally, we will soon be advertising an eAssessor workshop. This event, for all of our eAssessor customers, will explore the latest developments that allow you to manage all stages of the delivery of Standards. We will of course be returning with a full programme of Winter Workshop events in early 2019. 

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