PICS Released

On/Off Job Contact Hours Tracking Within FCA

Within Form Capture Application for Windows, Android and iOS, we’ve added new fields for On and Off the Job Contact Hours. These fields can be added to either of the Learner Review forms: Learner Review (CUST_RVW1) and Approved Learner Review (CUST_RVW2). The new fields are: OFFJOBHOURS, OFFJOBHOURS_NOTE, ONJOBHOURS, ONJOBHOURS_NOTE.

After adding these questions to a form and performing a sync from a device running FCA, they will be available to fill out from a learner. Use the On/Off Job Contact Hours fields to record the duration of the contact and the notes fields for any related information. Once the form has been submitted and approved, the data submitted will be added as a new contact hours record against the learner in PICS.

“Opt-in” Contact Preferences for the ILR

To comply with GDPR requirements, the ESFA ILR specification has been updated with new opt-in codes for the Restricted Use Indicator (RUI) and Preferred Method of Contact (PMC) fields. PICS added the new values to the ILR form within PICS to allow them to be captured before the start of the 2018 ILR contract year.

We’ve now extended this change to include the opt-in RUI and PMC values in the Declaration section of the PDF ILR output available from PICS. We’ve also updated the Privacy Notice to match the latest version published by the ESFA in Appendix F of the ILR specification.

In addition to producing pre-populated forms from PICS, we’ve also uploaded printable PDF forms to our web site – look for 2017_BlankILR in the Document Library : Miscellaneous Support Documents

Full release notes are available from the release notes section of our website.

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