PICS Released

Payment Plans for FM36 Apprenticeships

Recording Employer contributions for FM36 Apprenticeships is a significant portion of the overall admin work. Payment plans in PICS can be used to reduce this effort, once a plan has been setup it can be linked to Applicants, Opportunities and Qualification Plans for forecasting Employer contributions. Additionally, they can be used to default data capture when adding a new Learner into the system.


We’ve had a lot of feedback about how you are invoicing Employers – most of you are charging the sum of the money upfront or collecting monies each month. One request that we have had is to schedule Assessment payments relative to the learners Expected End date. A new option for ‘Weeks before Exp End’ has been added allowing you to schedule payments relative to the Expected End date.


Hosted PICS – Reset Password

We’ve made a small change to the hosting site so that after resetting a user’s password, they will be forced to change their password when next logging in. This will either be shown in our hosting portal before the user can access any of their remote applications:

Or if two-factor authentication is enabled, the new password prompt will appear before authenticating by phone:

Updates to the Postcode Regions Importer

PICS allows you to import the national database of postcodes (ONSPD) from the ONS website for reporting on learner Regions and Local Authorities. In February the ONS announced that they were changing the format of the data file which meant that the new file could not be imported into PICS.

We are happy to announce that we’ve made the necessary changes to PICS so either the new or old file formats can now be imported.

More information on importing the postcode database can be found in our Online Help Guide.

Full release notes are available from the release notes section of our website.