PICS Released

Attach forms to existing Learners, Applicants and Employers from FCA on Android and iOS

We are continuing to bring the android and iOS versions of the Form Capture Application up to the same level of functionality as the Windows version. This significant step forwards means it is now possible to attach forms to learners, applicants and employers that are already in the PICS database. It is now therefore possible to use FCA on Android and iOS to further eliminate your company’s reliance on paperwork. You can create forms as diverse as Health & Safety assessments, IAG notes, learner enrolments, change of circumstance, exit paperwork, and more, within a single system.

Creating a New Form from a Learner

As an example, of this working with a learner, you first need to pick a learner from the learner list to add a form to, and open them.











Then, you can add a new form using the + located in the top right.

You will then be presented with a list of the different forms that you have configured that can be used as additional forms for a learner. Select the form type you want to create and a new instance will be created, defaulting any relevant values from the learner details.

Employer Earned Monies in Claims

For FM36 Apprenticeships, PICS has historically only generated employer contribution claim items where a corresponding employer Payment Record (PMR) exists against a learner. In some cases, this value can be misleading, especially when forecasting how much an employer owes you or when reconciling PICS against the ESFA’s funding reports.

We now additionally generate and save Employer Earned monies based on the amount an employer owes the provider for any given period. For example, where an apprentice is co-funded, we will generate a claim that represents the 10% an employer owes for that period.

Two new claim codes have been added for the Employer Earned claim items:

  • REmpC – This represents the capped employer earned value. That is, the 10% employer contribution for the claim taking the funding band maximum into consideration.
  • REmpE – This represents any value over the funding band maximum that the employer owes.

With this change we have added additional options to reporting and profiling tools in PICS so that you can choose to use Employer Earned or the PMR derived values:

  • Budget Manager – On the Site / Plan selection screen a new menu option “Use employer earned payments instead of PMR records” has been added.
  • AdHoc – The output options for Claimed Items (Define Output -> Miscellaneous -> Claimed Items) has a new selection box for Employer claims.
  • Learner Status Report – The “Output options” for the Learner Status report now contains an option for “Use earned employer payments instead of PMR records”.
  • Claim History Report – The “Output options” for the Claim History report now contains an option for “Show employer earned payments instead of PMR based claims”.

PICS Configuration Default Values

In PICS Configuration, we now show which settings have been set to something other than the default setting by highlighting the setting in bold text. We only do this when we first load the settings page: if a user edits a setting, we do not update the label styling.

Full release notes are available from the release notes section of our website.