PICS Released

We have now released PICS version

Full release notes are available from the release notes section of our website.

Financial Employer Anomalies Audit Report Type

We have added a new report type to the Audit Report, Financial Employer Anomalies. This will report on any FM36 learners recorded with employer financial records which may contain inconsistencies. Available from the reports switchboard and scheduled reports. 

Changes to Pellcomp Hosted PICS

Hosting Status Updates

Beginning this week, we will be rolling out across our hosting platform an update that will display the operational status of the platform and provide details of any scheduled maintenance and performance and downtime incidents. At the bottom of every page on our hosting portal we will display the current operational status of the platform.

Any time is a known issue with any area of the platform, we will update users with an incident panel. As we work to resolve the issue, we will update the incident, and the overall status of the system will be updated accordingly. Full details of the incident, together with any updates to it, can be viewed on our dedicated status page by clicking the Incident History link on the incident panel.

Opening Files on Pellcomp Hosting

In an increasingly security conscious world, we’re always adding features to improve the security of PICS and our hosting platform. We’ve therefore added a new feature which makes it easier, as well as being more secure, to select files you’ve uploaded to the File Drop section of the Pellcomp Hosting portal.

When adding files to PICS such as learner evidence, review files, import files, or any other file which can be imported or stored, you will now be presented with a simple file list showing all files you’ve uploaded to the hosting portal.

Simply select the file you need, click Select File and the file will be imported into PICS. Don’t forget that all files uploaded to the hosting portal are deleted at midnight each night, so make sure that you’ve imported all files you need into PICS before the end of the day.

Updates to eEmploy

For those of you using eEmploy to manage your Employability contracts, we’ve made some small changes.

To help prevent unintended and unauthorised changes to important data fields, we’ve restricted the Opportunity Code and Payment Group fields, so they cannot be edited in eEmploy. We’ve also added two new options to prevent the Referral Date and Employer Reference fields from being edited. These can be enabled in PICS Configuration – look for these settings on the eEmploy tab:

Up to now it has been possible to run eEmploy without a suitable licence in some circumstances. We’ve now closed this loophole and an error will occur in if your PICS licence number does not include eEmploy. If you experience this error, please get in touch with our accounts team who can issue an amended licence number.

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