ESFA changes to Apprenticeship Reports

The ESFA have received significant feedback from training providers who are having difficulty in reconciling their Apprenticeships Monthly Payment Report with their remittance statements. In response, the ESFA republished the R08 Apprenticeships Monthly Payment Reports in a new format on 20th April and are introducing 2 new reports which should be available at R09 submission close. You can read more about the report changes on the ESFA blog.

Apprenticeships Monthly Payment Report

The changes to this report are designed to reduce the complexity of the reports by making the information shown more payment centric. The report will continue to include information about “payments made but will exclude information about earnings”.

New Reports

After R09 there are going to be 2 new reports produced by the HUB:

Additional payments report – This will show details of the payments providers need to pass to employers and will help with identifying these on the remittance advice; these payments are shown separately on the remittance from the other apprenticeship payments.

Funding Summary report – This shows year to date totals based on the actual apprenticeship payments produced at period end. This is similar to the reports providers receive after each ILR submission but includes accurate payment details rather than earnings details.

How does this affect PICS?

PICS offers reconciliation between the Apprenticeships Monthly Payment Report, however due to the changes of format from R08 onwards any attempts to reconcile will result in significant differences. With the ESFA announcing additional changes with the release of the R09 reports, we’ve been holding off any modifications to the reconciler as they would be very short-lived.

As we’re not a training provider, we don’t have any access to the reports produced by the HUB and rely on our customers to provide us with this information. If you’d like to assist us, please upload a copy of your R09 reports to our secure filedrop with a comment containing “R09 Apprenticeship Reports”.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and patience whilst we integrate these unexpected changes.

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