PICS Released

We have now released PICS version

GDPR Tools

We have added a set of tools to allow users to interact with PICS in a way which complies with new GDPR specifications. The most prominent feature amongst these being the ability to archive, delete, and anonymise learners.

Further information about PICS GDPR Tools

Changes to PICS login procedure

Over that last few months we have been working hard at tightening up PICS with regards to user authentication and password security. In this change we have fixed a long-standing issue where passwords are case insensitive when logging in via PICS. Passwords have the correct casing as when they were originally entered or changed, and now PICS will require you to enter the correct casing when logging in. We have another blog post lined up for later this week which will outline new user configurations for password age and account timeouts, so watch this space.

Contact Hour Reporting

Extra outputs for Actual Contact Hours has been added to the Learner Occupancy Report and AdHoc Reporting. These extra options are calculated by looking at the Contact records entered from PICS or eAssessor.

ILR Programme Aim Validation

The ILR validation in PICS has been tightened up for Programme Aims. Previously, a blank planned end would appear as a warning in PICS, however the FIS and HUB report this as an error. The validation in PICS has been updated to an error which will stop you saving the Learner record without entering a planned end date for each of the Learners Programme Aims.

Learner Import – Not pulling through first address line

In PICS Version, released 4 weeks ago, we introduced an issue where importing an Applicant into a Learner wouldn’t copy across the first line of the applicant’s address. The issue occurred when making changes to the Learner Import procedure to handle a full address being entered in the first address line. 

Full release notes are available from the release notes section of our website.

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