PICS Released

New Allowed and Preferred Contact values

We’ve received your feedback loud and clear regarding the allowed/preferred contact fields added to Learners and Applicants in our last release. We are happy to announce there are 2 new options that can be selected, “None recorded” and “Do not contact”. Additionally, we have fixed an issue that caused the validation to occur more frequently than required.

Contact Hours Summary in eAssessor

To enable better tracking of the 20% off the job time for a learner, we have started displaying more summary statistics for a learner in eAssessor. We will continue to develop this area over the coming weeks, but to begin with, we have added a simple summary detailing the amount of off the job contact time recorded, together with an average amount of time per week – from the start date to the current date, or to the end date if the learner has ended.

Learners in Android and iOS Form Capture Application

A new learner list and details view has been added to the Android and iOS versions of our Form Capture Application, which can be found from the landing screen.

Learners can be synced to your mobile device from PICS by searching on First name, Surname and Post Code. Once a learner has been synced you can see a detailed view by clicking on them in the list. In a future release, it will then also be possible to create subsequent forms, such as Learner Reviews, for the selected Learner.

Staying up to date with Learner Change Requests

We have made it easier to track change of learner detail requests by adding a new status called “In Progress”. We recognise that communication and notification is key to the parties involved when trying to keep track of change requests. There had previously been no notification or alert that a change request was being processed – leaving the reporting officer with no way of knowing if a request was being processed or was still pending. This new status addition allows an admin team member to mark the request as “In Progress” when they begin working on it. In addition, we have added a further configuration option that allows you to send notifications via PICS message to the reporting officer when a change has been marked as in progress. You can read more about our change of learner details system in online help.

Full release notes are available from the release notes section of our website.