PICS Released

We have now released PICS version

Full release notes are available from the release notes section of our website.

Web Application Side Navigation

As previously announced, our main web applications are now using side-based navigation rather than horizontal navigation along the top of the screen.

If your web applications have custom styling, this will no longer work. Please contact us to arrange for this to be updated.

New Missing PMR Audit report.

A new report type, “Missing PMR records”, has been added to the Learner Audit report within Report Switchboard. This report identifies any FM36 apprentices that are funded through a contract of services with the ESFA (ACT = 2) but do not have any employer payment records (PMRs) recorded, where required. This report does not, however, indicate any shortfall in employer contributions.

Web Application Switching

For customers who have multiple PICS web applications, we have extended the capability of application switching to enable more places where you can switch directly to other applications to view a specific record. For example, customers with both eAssessor and eAdmin will find new links on the learner overview page in eAssessor and Learner Details screen in eAdmin to switch directly to the same learner in the other application. Additionally, any popup views of records will provide application switching links to the whatever applications can support viewing that record.

Improvements to Learner data entry

  • A field to record default ACT type has been added to Organisation records to help users when entering new FM36 Learners.
  • The feature that prompts users to include aims in the current year export – when they enter very late notified end dates or changes to outcomes for aims already ending in prior years – can now be set to automatically set the value. The setting is ‘Automatically include Aims in current export year when entering End Dates and Outcomes in previous export years’.
  • The picklist of aims for new ASL Learners was unnecessarily being filtered to Main Aims and has now been corrected.

Improvements to AdHoc Reporting

  • User Defined Form (UDF) Selection Criteria now allows you to select blank or missing answers.
  • The Selection Criteria for No reviews of type now also includes a date range to allow you to find Learners with no reviews during a date range.

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