PICS Web application main navigation change

In a couple of weeks’ time, we’ll be releasing a significant visual change to the navigation of our web applications. Currently a lot of the main navigation is across the top of the page, which causes limitations as our applications grow and we need to add extra navigational elements. To address this, we’ll soon be changing all our web applications to have the main navigation going down the left-hand side of the page.

We’re also taking this opportunity to ensure the main navigation is consistent across our range of web applications in order to benefit those who use more than one.

Although these changes will bring benefits, we’re conscious that any change can cause additional burden on day-to-day working or result in additional work to update training material. To minimise this, we’re giving you advance warning of the change going out in the week commencing 12th March. If your require further information in order to update your internal documentation before the release date, please contact us.

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