PICS Released

REST – Editing UDFs and Improved Searching

Our work on the REST service continues, and this time includes improvements to the search functionality for Trainees, Contacts and Employers.

Trainees and Contacts are now searchable by many of their parameters, and also included is the ability to search for Trainee or Contract records that have been created, modified or deleted since a given date.

Head Office has been added as a read/write parameter to Employer, which will allow users of the REST service to view, edit and add an Employer’s head office.

UDFs are now a part of the payload for all major entities, and are available for read and write. To do this, simply add an API Key to questions which you wish to expose in UDF base data. Questions which have an API Key will be added to the payload of relevant entities.

Data Capture of HSS and ACT FAMs

After feedback from customers about the difficulty of setting HSS and ACT FAMs when adding new Component Aims to existing learners, we have made it possible to do this without first saving the Aim. Clicking on the HSS or ACT button while adding the aim will check there are no errors, and where there aren’t any will automatically save the Aim and open the FAM screen.


Several fields have been added to the output of “Additional Income and Expenditure” to provide summary data on PMRs and TNPs. These include:

  • Latest Training TNP
  • Latest Assessment TNP
  • Totals and Counts of PMR1/2s Expected or Paid
  • Totals and Counts of PMR1/2s Paid
  • Totals and Counts of PMR1/2s Overdue

Full release notes are available from the release notes section of our website.

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