Forthcoming upgrade to Hosting servers

We’re currently working on a major upgrade to our Hosting servers in order to ensure we keep ahead of demand. To connect to the new hosting infrastructure using Windows 7 or older, you’ll need to ensure your Remote Desktop Client is fully up to date.

Even if your PC is updated regularly you might not have the required update because it is listed as an optional update. If updates are manged by your IT department, we recommend contacting them to ensure you have this installed.

The update in question is KB2592687, which is found in the Optional section of Windows Updates:

This is a two-part update so after the first install is done, and your computer has restarted, you’ll need to go back to optional updates where you should see another version of the same update but with a larger file size: this will need to be installed as well.

We’re still in the final stages of testing so we’re not currently able to give an indication of when they’ll go live, but once we have a date we’ll be sure to communicate that.

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