Changes to LRS web service URLs

Following a recent communication from the LRS, several customers have contacted us to ask if we are aware of the forthcoming changes regarding updated URLs and security protocols used by their web service.

We can confirm that we’re aware of this change and have already planned a phased approach to it. Our current plan is as follows:

  • Mid-March – 1st May: Old URLs will be used unless a new option in PICS Configuration is ticked to force use of the new ones.
  • 1st May – 1st September: We’ll start using the new URLs by default, so if you’re not yet ready to use them you should turn this off in PICS Configuration.
  • 1st September – 1st October: If you’ve chosen the option to use the old URLs, we’ll start displaying a warning that these won’t work as of 1st October.
  • 1st October onwards: We’ll use the new URLs regardless of the setting you’ve previously chosen.

Please note that we’re still working on this feature but hope to have it in place for mid-March. Once this has been done, we’ll update this article with further details and screen grabs of the PICS Config setting.

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