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Learner Progression Values in Occupancy Reports

It has been a long sought-after feature to add Learner Progression Values into the Occupancy report, and we are excited to announce that they are now available. This allows you to report on the progression values shown when looking at each learner in PICS or eAssessor.

Two optional outputs, Progression Values and Completion Target, have been added to the Occupancy Report in both Scheduled Reports and the Reports Switchboard.

  • Progression Values – This adds 5 additional columns: Not Started, Completed, In Progress, Overdue and Withdrawn showing a proportion of overall learner progression.
  • Completion Target – The proportion of each episode that the learner is expected to have completed by now.

Achievement Rates and Ofsted Reports

To help providers meet the reporting requirements of the ESFA and Ofsted, we’ve made changes to the PICS Achievement Rates and Ofsted reports. See our blog post for more information about the changes.

Updates to search functions in the REST service

As part of our ongoing improvements to the PICS REST Service, we’ve now introduced better ways of searching for organisations, vacancies and vacancy applications. You can now search for records which have been added or modified since a particular date and time, which means that it is now much easier to keep other systems in sync with PICS.

The new search parameters are CreatedSince and ModifiedSince; to see them, ensure your REST service is up to date, then open the api-docs endpoint to view the Swagger documentation – this might need to be switched on if it’s been turned off.

Coming soon are the same search functions for learners and officers/contacts, as well as UDFs and some extra learner data. Keep an eye on the blog and release notes for more information.

Assessment Location Tracking

To help assessors with organising their assessments, we’ve added a Location field to PICS qualification assessment records. This can be entered in PICS or eAssessor to link an assessment to any PICS organisation record.

Once entered, the field can be used by assessors to quickly check the location of their assessments. The field can also be reported through the AdHoc reporting tool.

For full release notes, covering every change in this release, see the Release Notes section of our website.

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