Achievement Rates and Ofsted Report Updates

QAR Specification V2

As promised in our previous release post, we’ve now updated the PICS Achievement Rates report to conform to version 2 of the ESFA QAR specifications. The changes are small, so only a small number of you will see a change to the figures. To summarise:

  • Apprentices who withdrew with a withdrawal reason of 41 are no longer excluded from Achievement Rates
  • Trailblazers with no payment records (PMRs) are excluded from the report
  • Unitisation qualifications are now excluded from the E&T Achievement Rates

Note: As of 26th January 2018, the ESFA have announced that they have made further changes to the QAR calculations in version 3 of the specifications. As they have only just become available, these changes have not yet been incorporated into the PICS reports. We aim to make the necessary changes as soon as possible.

QAR Reconciler Improvements

For those of you using the QAR Reconciler to identify differences between PICS and QAR figures, we’ve made some improvements to make it easier to find out which learners are causing differences in cohort figures. There are now four new fields:

  • Has Overall Year 2016 – This field will be Y if either the QAR or PICS Overall year is 2016.
  • Overall Year Match – This field will be Y if the QAR and PICS overall years are the same.

The same fields are available for the Expected End year.

To find out which learners are causing differences between the QAR and PICS overall totals, filter the columns as follows: Has Overall Year 2016 = Y and Overall Year Match = N. To do the same for the timely achievement cohort, use the Expected End fields instead.

So far, the differences we’ve encountered have been due to changes of ILR data that had been made after the ILR year for the change had been closed. If you are struggling to identify differences, the best place to start is the Learner Change Log (from the Reports menu in PICS) to show all changes made to a learner.

More pre-set Interactive Ofsted Reports

To help providers prepare for Ofsted inspections, we’ve added some more pre-set reports to the new Interactive Ofsted report, which we released just before Christmas. These reports are based on the information requested in section 58 of the Ofsted Inspection Handbook.

To use them, open the Interactive Ofsted Report and go to the Presets tab.