PICS Released

The latest version of PICS includes updates for the Ofsted Report, REST API improvements and the Form Capture App for Android and iOS beta. Find more information in our release blog below or visit the release notes section of our website for a full line by line breakdown of the release.

Updates to Ofsted Report

A new version of the Ofsted Report is now available from within Schedulable Reports and the new Report’s suite. This report has been implemented to meet the current requirements as specified by Ofsted.

In Schedulable Reports, this report can be found within the SFA/EFA section. This will provide a spreadsheet showing details for different learner groupings.

If more details are required, the interactive Ofsted Report provides the functionality to produce “pivots” based on any of the supplied fields. Several preset reports have been provided, and we have plans to provide more in the future, however, it is possible to create and save your own criteria to suit your requirements.


We are currently working on improvements to our REST API. In this release, we have added the ability to upload, download and delete activity attachments. See your API documentation included in your REST service for more details.

Form Capture App for iOS and Android

We have been working on Android and iOS versions of the current Form Capture App and are pleased to announce that the iOS Beta version is now available. This beta version includes the ability to download, complete and submit forms. If you are already using Form Capture App and would like to try the iOS version, it is called PICS FCA in the Apple App Store.

The Android version of PICS FCA is also available in a closed BETA. If you would like access, please contact our sales team at