PICS Released

The latest version of PICS includes Improvements to the Budget Manager, eAdmin payment filtering, improved AdHoc reporting and more. Find more information in our release blog below or visit the release notes section of our website for a full line by line breakdown of the release.


Budget Manager – Toggling unfunded starts in the Actual Starts row

Historically, the PICS Budget Manager has included all learner starts in the Actual Starts row in the Plan-Based Projections table, including those that did not reach the minimum number of days in learning to qualify for funding. This limit is commonly referred to as the Six-Week Rule, though it can be less depending on the planned length of the programme.

This has occasionally led to confusion, as unfunded starts would not tally with any of the other figures shown on the grid.

To resolve this, we have added the new toggle option Only Show Funded Starts. When ticked, this will update the values in the Actual Starts row and exclude any learners that did not reach the minimum qualifying duration. Unticking the box will include these learners again.

The Raw Data report has also been updated to reflect this change. Where we previously showed Start in the Type column, we now display Funded Start or Unfunded Start. You can access the Raw Data report by selecting Reports > Raw Data from the toolbar.


eAdmin Additions

Employer Finance Notes

We have added a new section to the Employer Details screen in eAdmin for your finance team to record notes against an employer. Finance Notes can only be created in eAdmin, but can be viewed in CRM and eRecruit, and reported on in AdHoc Reporter.

Payment filtering: Preset Date Ranges

We have added a Date Range drop-down menu for filtering the Payment List in eAdmin. You can use these to quickly filter to common date ranges, such as Today, This Week, and Next Week.

As these preset ranges will disable the Date From and Date To input fields, you will need to select Custom from the drop-down menu if you want to set your own date range.

When you load a filter, any saved custom date ranges will use the same specified dates, whereas any saved preset date ranges will be adjusted with regard to the current date. This means that relative values like Today and Next Week will remain correct.

New settings for additional Payment and Learner List columns

Due to the increasing demand for more details in the Payment List and Learner List in eAdmin, we have added several new columns to these pages. This has, however, led to a large number of columns on these pages, which can result in a cluttered appearance. To avoid this, additional settings have been added to toggle the visibility of these details.

Payment List changes

In the Payment List, we have added the Account System ID, which was previously only available in the export, to the main page, along with the Qualification Plan and Site. These new columns will be hidden by default. If you choose to display these columns, they will be included with their relevant codes in the export document.

The organisation’s Address and Main Officer are also now included in the export document. These details will always be visible in the export as there is no setting to hide them.

Learner List Changes

In the Learner List, we have added options to display the Learner Reference Number and ULN. If these details are visible, you can search by either reference code in the text search box.

AdHoc Reporter – Form Capture and Import History

Fields for FCA Forms and Import History have been added to the Selection Criteria and Define Output pages in AdHoc.

This allows you to create custom reports on the status of FCA forms and the resulting Learner and Applicant Imports. This data can then be outputted for use in eDashboard.


Improvements to review profiles

A new option has been added to Review Profiles which allows you to add a review on the first and last days of training.

  • To set up a review on the first day of training, enter 0 into the Add New Block
  • To set up a review on the last day of training, tick the And Final Day box when adding a new block. This will schedule a review for the Expected End Date of learning.


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