PICS Released

The latest version of PICS includes improvements to the ILR exporter for handling of Destination & Progression data and PMRs, improvements to AdHoc, and more. Find more information in our release blog below or visit the release notes section of our website for a full line by line breakdown of the release.

Export Fixes

Exporting Destination and Progression (D&P) Data

There have been several updates to prevent issues with the ILR export:

  • If you have any ESF funded learners who started in late 2015, your Learner D&P data will now export correctly in the 2017 ILR. You will no longer receive an R108 error message when you do this.
  • You can now also set D&P records for these learners to export in years after the collection of the record. Doing this will display a warning message rather than the previous error message.
  • If you are editing the end dates of aims that ended in 2015, this may require the record to be exported in the 2017 ILR. If this is the case, the relevant D&P data for the learner will now be set to export in the current year as well, avoiding an R108 error.

Combined Payments in the ILR Export

You can now export multiple payments of the same Type and Paid Date as a combined record in the ILR, while keeping their individual Payment Records (PMRs) in PICS. This means that you no longer have to manually combine PMRs in PICS to avoid violating the ILR Validation Rule R68, which would result in less detailed auditing data.

FAM ACT issues with aims ending in future years

End date for FAM ACT was incorrectly being exported for aims that have ended in future years which was causing validation errors. This has now been fixed so that the ACT end date is exported when the Aims end date is being exported.

Bug Fix: Higher Apprenticeship Restarts

If you need to add a Higher Apprenticeship learner back into PICS after a break in the learning, the Household Situation (HHS) and Full or Co-funding Indicator (FFI) fields in the ILR Programme Aim section of the learner record are now visible. As these are mandatory fields, this means you can now save the learner.

New Features

Filtering Organisations in AdHoc

You can now use AdHoc reporter to find and filter organisations by their Accounting System ID and End Point Assessment (EPA) Organisation ID.

You can find these fields in AdHoc by going to Selection Criteria > Organisations > Main.

‘Forgot Password’ feature in eJobMatch

If a user forgets their password for eJobMatch, they can now have the web app send them an email with a temporary one. Once they log in with their new temporary password they will be prompted to change it.

To do this, select Forgot your Password? in the eJobMatch login screen.

This will require some configuration changes, so please contact the Pellcomp support team for details of how to set it up.

FCA User license limit

PICS will soon start preventing your users from accessing FCA if your number of FCA users exceeds your licensed amount. If the permission Use Form Capture Application is granted to too many users, the following message will appear:

Additionally, you will be warned when using Form Capture Manager that you are over your licensed user limit. After Monday 20th November 2017 this warning will become an error, stopping any users approving, rejecting or reassigning forms.

To prevent this from happening, you can now keep track of how many FCA users you have. In User and Password Maintenance, go to Main > Additional Tools > Count and List FCA Users to see a list of your FCA users and your current licensed user limit.

If you have breached your FCA user limit, please phone sales on 01603 215000 or email to discuss a license upgrade.

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