GDPR plans at Pellcomp Software

As you may know, the government has just published a Data Protection bill that will look to bring in new legislation to meet the requirements of GDPR (EU General Data Protection Regulation) and update the existing Data Protection Act.

GDPR extends the provisions of the Data Protection Act, introducing more accountability for data processors and more rights for data subjects. European Directive requires that all UK companies are compliant with GDPR by 1st May 2018, and the new data protection legislation will ensure this happens.

Here at Pellcomp, we have a GDPR readiness programme in progress and will be fully compliant with the new regulations when they become law next May. We’re also looking at any improvements we need to build into PICS to help our customers meet their obligations, in particular data deletion/archiving, data portability, data subject consents, etc. We’ll be updating customers as and when new features are available, but we wanted to reassure customers that we already have this in hand.

In the meantime, the following document is a useful place to start looking at your own compliance:

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