PICS Released

PICS has now been released; full release notes are detailed in the release notes section of our website.

With this release, there are lots of new features and small improvements to make your life easier when dealing with FM36 apprenticeships.

Funding Calculator

The PICS funding calculator will now calculate funding for your FM36 apprenticeships.

The funding is based on our interpretation of the funding specifications published by the ESFA, but we expect some small changes to be required when the official funding reports are released by ESFA towards the end of May.

Bulk Updating Apprenticeship Service Cohort

From the early feedback that you have provided it became apparent that it was frustrating to enter the Apprenticeship Service (AS) cohort value against learners multiple times to be used with the bulk uploader. Now, from the Client Selection Screen, Tools -> Bulk Updates -> Set AS Cohort, you can easily bulk update this value for as many learners as you like. To stop any accidental mistakes, we won’t overwrite an existing cohort value whilst bulk updating.

Additionally, from the Client Selection screen, there are new filter and find functions to help with finding your FM36 apprentices. There is an additional filter in the standard learner filters dropdown to limit the learner list by AS Cohort Reference.

You can now filter the learner list to show learners with a specific Apprenticeship Service status – this can be found under More Filters, as shown here:

Automatic creation of Incentive Payments

When adding a new learner who is aged 16-18, or 19-24 with EHC, PICS will now automatically create incentive payment records for 90 and 365 days from the start date – these consist of three records:

  1. The provider incentive payment received from ESFA
  2. The employer incentive payment received from the ESFA
  3. The employer incentive payment which must be paid to the employer within a month of receiving it

Improvements to AdHoc reporting on payment records

We’ve added more selection and output options for additional income / expenditure to help you keep track of employer and incentive payments.

For a complete list of changes in this release, please refer to the full release notes.