PelAMS migration to CRM Applicants

Update: we are now postponing this migration until September 19th. See our Postponement of PelAMS migration blog post for further details.

In our May newsletter we warned that the PelAMS applicant management system is to be deprecated in favour of the newer CRM Applicants system. There are no changes to costs, but to continue to improve and add features we need to concentrate on a single system for applicants.

The migration from one system to the other will take place automatically when you upgrade to PICS 15.00, which will be the 2016/17 version of our software. This is due to be released in our normal time-frame of mid-August, provisionally Monday 15th. So when you choose to download and install PICS 15.00 you’ll be switched to the CRM Applicants system, however you can choose to do this earlier if you wish. We’ll shortly be releasing the option to migrate through a message banner that will appear in the old PelAMS system when you next update PICS. This should be very prominent and is primarily intended as a notification, but it will also provide an option to run the migration straight away if you have the recently introduced Database Administrator permission.

Here’s what will happen when the migration takes place:

  • Any open PelAMS Interviews and Actions from the last 6 months will be migrated to a CRM activity type of Interview Appointment or Task, respectively. Officers linked to Interviews and Actions in PelAMS are not full CRM Officer records, so these will be migrated by trying to match the name to an existing CRM Officer record. Where we aren’t able to get a satisfactory match, a new CRM Officer record will be created.
  • The 6 Applicant SOCs from the ‘Requirements’ section in PelAMS will be migrated to the applicant provision table. These are visible in CRM Applicants under the Provisions section.
  • For some time now we’ve had a tool to migrate PelAMS School and College records to full CRM Organisation records, and this will run during the migration process if necessary. This will do something similar to the officer matching routine mentioned above by trying to match on what we can and creating new Organisation records where we can’t get a satisfactory match.
  • User-defined Area codes will be migrated to a different underlying location in the database, but the functionality should remain pretty much the same. Functionality to amend these will be accessible in CRM via the File menu drop down -> CRM options -> Pick Lists.
  • At the end of the migration process, PelAMS will no longer be accessible and the button on the main PICS side-bar will be removed. You will now need to access your Applicants through the ‘CRM/Organisations’ button and then select the Applicants option from the side-bar.

There’s a guide to using CRM applicants available from our document library. Another useful guide to familiarise yourself with the CRM system in general is the full CRM guide, however some features in here will only be accessible if you have a licence for the full CRM module.

If you have any queries or issues regarding this, as always please do contact our support team.