PelAMS Training Officer and Mentor Migration

Those of you who enter applicants into PICS may have noticed that the Training Officer and Mentor fields can show different choices if you select them in PelAMS or in PICS CRM. This is because the underlying base data has always been different for the two systems. As part of our plan to remove PelAMS in the future, PICS will include a patch which will remove the old PelAMS Training Officer and Mentor values, and replace them with a standardised list of PICS Officers which is also used by PICS CRM (in the Contacts section).

In order to do this, PICS will automatically migrate any PelAMS officers and create new Officers with the same personal details, unless it can find a corresponding Officer in CRM with the same name and officer role. While this may sound simple, there are several things to be aware of:

  • If you have turned off access to PelAMS using the “Launch Organisations / CRM rather than PelAMS” configuration option, only existing Officer codes will be used – no new officers will be created.
  • The PelAMS officer list did not have separate fields for forename and surname, so if there are any names that have been entered with only one name, such as “John”, the new officer will have the name for surname and forename repeated (e.g. “John John”).
  • Where an officer has been used in PelAMS and CRM but the names differ, even slightly, a new officer will be created. In this case it will be necessary to use the “Merge Contact” tool to ensure that the incorrect officer is deleted, and all applicants are set to use the correct officer.
  • If any systems connect directly to the PICS database to read applicant information, they will need to be adjusted to read the Officer codes in APPLIC.CRM_OFF_TRAIN (was APPLIC.OFF_TRAIN) and APPLIC.CRM_MENTOR (was APPLIC.MENTOR).
  • Any Pellcomp web applications which read or write applicant data (these are the SOAP service, the REST Service, eTutor, eRecruit or eDashboard) should be updated at the same time as PICS to ensure that they are reading the new data fields.

The version of PICS including this data patch will be released on Monday 7th March, and will take effect the first time you log into PICS once the update has been downloaded.

If you have any queries about the information above, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team who’ll be happy to answer any questions.