Product Training

Want to get more from your PICS?

Our training team can help to ensure that you get the most out of PICS and your associated web applications. We offer a variety of training solutions to suit your requirements, the products you are working with and your budget.

Training Events

These are run at venues around the country and offer in-depth training on various topics: recent events have covered financial operations, AdHoc reporting, learner tracking and a refresher introduction to PICS. Events are advertised on our website.

In House Training

For a more tailored training solution our bespoke in house training may be more suitable. These days truly can be designed around you and your organisations, allowing you to take as much as you can both from PICS and from Pellcomp’s trainers. We can draw up variable training sessions depending on experience, you design the day it’s up to you.


Webinars can be a more affordable and logistically convenient way to complement more traditional training. Taking place entirely online webinars can give you an effective overview of our products and any changes to them that we may be releasing.

Webinars are delivered by the same dedicated and qualified trainers, and give you a detailed overview of the product and a comprehensive introduction to best practice. Whilst not necessarily a replacement for in person training webinars can be viable way to supplement it. Please keep a look out for our upcoming webinars in our events list.

Online Training

Online training can be a great way to get some help and advice on self-diagnosed specific issues. We are happy to cover any subject and multiple one hour sessions can be booked. Online training has some of the advantages of webinars in that there is no travelling and limited set up time, but with the added benefit of being one to one.
We simply send you a link to the online software, you connect through a wired internet connection, put on your headset and we should be able to solve your issue for you. Please get in touch and we can advise you on the best approach for online training.